Moving With Pets

Moving is usually stressful the first few months, causing anxiety to many members of your family, pets included. Choko, my dog, is 16, and has been by my side many times before while moving. Here are some ideas to make their lives and yours more zen during the move.

First, update your pets tag with your new address, cellphone number and email. Have all medical records sent from your current vet to the new vet. During the move, make sure you have at least a weeks worth of food and medicine with you. On moving day, keep your pet in a secure, secluded, quiet room. If you are transporting them in a crate, get them familiar to the crate before hand, and add some toys and their blanket to it. 

When arriving at your new home, make sure all doors and windows are closed before allowing your pet out of the crate, or off the leash. Choose a comfortable area or separate room to lay down their bed, toys, litter box, scratch post, away from drafts, while you unpack. After all furniture is moved in, and movers leave, take your pet out of the room and introduce them to their new home.