Attracting Buyers

These simple tips will help you improve your chances of selling your home.

Update window treatments. Future Buyers want light with views. Change blinds or shades to a light color.Take care of minor repairs. Give the impression the house was always well-maintained. Fix leaky faucets, cracked caulking and ripped screens. Amp up your curb appeal. Cut and edge the grass, Lay down fresh mulch or stones where needed. Trim bushes and trees. Hang a seasonal reef on the front door. Hire a professional pressure cleaner to clean your driveway, windows and screens. I can’t stress enough the importance of this. Removing the oil stains, bird poop, mold, and dust from these areas improves the look of your property. Cleaning and organizing your closets help as well. I recommend leaving the closet 1/4 full when you have a showing. Let the customer envision their clothes hanging up or folded nicely in the closet. Paint if you need to. Light colors and shades are more desirable. If needed, update the sinks and faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. make sure house is kept clean and organized. Do a sniff test if needed. Air should be fresh and circulating. Lastly, leave the property when your house is being shown. Best of luck! Hope this helped a bit.